Father Time's Journey into Professional Wrestling

by Mark Elswick


Spring 22

Padman was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Also, it was a nominee in the Midland States Literary Contest.

"I just finished reading this collection of short stories by Mark Elswick . As promised, I laughed, till I cried at his adventures as Padman, was brought to tears in reading the story of his own Traumatic Brain Injury and the beauty of the love and support he received during his recovery and re-learning.....and then laughed and cried some more as I read through each of the well written "tales".... Hysterical...Heartfelt..and thought provoking...I was encouraged to raise my level of compassion and awareness for those around me dealing with the challenges that we can see, and those we are not aware of.... I loved this...and will read it again, and again."

-- Darla,

Faith is a simple short story that portrays exactly what love means to us all, what we will do for love.

"I felt the connection, the deep emotional bond with Danni that we share, as Mothers. The heart of ourselves is our children and I could just feel Danni's pain and helplessness. My heart was breaking for her."

-- Tina, Smashwords

"Much like "Padman, A Dad's Guide to Buying Those and other tales", Mark Elswick's latest writing "The Note", follows suit in delivering humor through humility in every day experiences that we can all relate to. In usual fashion for this author, it surrounds fears that most men hate to admit. (Visiting doctors and exploration of their nether regions). Elswick shares a very funny moment in his life in a way of saying, "Buck up brothers, this has to be done" to his fellow menfolk in rounding out that in all seriousness, the need to get examined as a way to be proactive in our own health. Cheers to another hilarious edition in the Elswick library!"

-- S. Holden, Smashwords