" Life keeps throwing me stones And I keep finding the diamonds."

- Ana Claudia Antunes

Never too Late

Father Time's Journey into Professional Wrestling

.Ever-Worsening Vision

.Multiple Strokes

.Suicide Tendencies

.Cancer Scares

Despite the book cover, Never Too Late is not really a book about wrestling. The sport is simply the medium through which the unbelievable story is presented to the world.

It blew me away from the day I heard it. Cancer, suicides, strokes, poisonings, and even blindness in one lifetime? Most would perceive that as an unfair life. However, he shrugs it off as life, continually proving that it is never too late to realize the most improbable of dreams.

.To him, age is just a number.

.To him, disabilities are merely obstacles.

.To us, he is a hero.


Available Spring 22